3 Luxurious Uses Of Rosewater That’ll Make Your Life Awesome

Made from the petals of roses, rosewater distills down the wonderful things about roses into a simple liquid that you can use in almost any scenario. That product is called rosewater and it’s being used around the world in an almost limitless number of ways. People are mixing rosewater in with everything from their favourite shampoo to their grandma’s classic baking recipes, and the results are almost always amazing. Here are just 3 uses for rosewater that will make you life even more awesome.

1. Fragrance

Roses are known for three things: their beauty, their thorns and their fragrance. Whenever someone receives a bouquet of flowers, they smell them because these flowers smell beautiful. You can even have a bit if that smell yourself with rosewater. A couple of sprays with rosewater gives you an all-natural perfume that’s subtle, enticing, and elegant. Rather than spray yourself with questionable chemicals, use rosewater as a natural alternative.

Many people are also using rosewater to scent up their linens, which provides a beautiful scent in your bedrooms, guest rooms, and other places. It can be the perfect alternative to chemical scent sprays which instead make your most comforting fabrics smell even more welcoming.

2. Facial Toner

While most people use rosewater for its scent, it has toner elements as well that can help your skin stay clear and shine. Many people mix rosewater in with their favourite facial cleansers, moisturizers, and skin care products for an added toner boost. Rose petals contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help your skin look radiant. It can even help your scalp feel less itchy and less irritated.

3. Delicious Baking

If you have never had a rose macaron, you are missing out on one of the world’s truly delicious delicacies. Mixing two almond meringue cookies with a sweet buttercream filling is, by default, a delicious concept. But flavouring the buttercream with the essence of a rose makes a subtle, tasty treat you will never forget.

Rosewater has become an increasingly common ingredient in modern cooking for a number of reasons, but the primary one is its unique and subtle taste. It can be used to elevate almost any type of baking, often with amazing results. If you’re an avid baker, you’ve probably already discovered recipes calling for rosewater. If you aren’t, it’s best to stock up on this amazing ingredient.

A Wide Variety of Uses
Rosewater is a simple concoction, consisting of little more than distilled rose petals and water, but its usefulness knows no bounds. From baking to hair treatments to simply adding an amazing scent to you or your linens, rosewater is one of the most versatile hydrosol products on the market. Be sure to get your rosewater from a company that only sells high quality, natural products that use simple, chemical-free extraction methods. It’s the best way to ensure that your rosewater is at its most effective and made from roses, water, and little else.

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