Where to Shop for Rose Hydrosol in Canada?

Rose water, also know as rose hydrosol, is swiftly becoming one of the most popular and most exciting hydrosols on the market. People are starting to use this all-natural product for all kinds of different reasons, from clearing up oily skin to helping fight off bacteria in cuts, scrapes, and bruises. But as rose water’s popularity explodes, your ability to find quality. local products gets more and more difficult.

If you are looking for high-quality rose water in Canada, it’s important to consider where exactly you are getting it, and how the product was made. And the easiest way to find this information is to go through your local hydrosol specialist.

The relationship between your local hydrosol retailer and the people who make hydrosols is key to getting the best, most natural, and ethically-sourced products possible. It is only through smaller, localized operations that the retailer will know everything about the products they carry, and that those products adhere to the highest standards. Everything from the quality of the ingredients to the manufacturing methods change as companies get further and further away from local dealers, which means only the local people can ensure the products you are getting are the products you need.

For rose hydrosols specifically, this means getting products made with steam distillation instead of chemical extraction methods that can actually inject harmful ingredients into the products. Chemical extraction is cheaper and faster than the more traditional methods, which is why many manufacturers are turning to this method instead. But by using chemicals and solvents to extract powerful compounds from rose petals, the end result can be contaminated with unnatural substances that get in the way of you enjoying everything that rose water has to offer.

Steam distillation, by contrast, uses ancient technology and the power of steam to extract the powerful compounds locked deep inside a rose’s petals. Through steam distillation, the only thing that your product will include is rose extract and water. No chemicals, no byproducts. Just roses and a touch of water.

Finding the right source for your hydrosol products, whether they be rose water or any other kind of hydrosol, comes down to a great relationship with a local hydrosol specialist. Without the knowledge, expertise, and close relationship with manufacturers that the local company has, you could end up getting an inferior product.

At Hydrosol World, we work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure you and your customers are getting the best-quality products possible. Plus, you can buy hydrosols online, meaning you can get the benefits of a local retailer and the convenience and pricing of an online store. We sell only the highest-quality products to ensure pure and all-natural rose water. That way, you enjoy all the benefits of hydrosols, including rose hydrosol, with the confidence they are free of contaminants.

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