Hydrosols in All Purpose Cleaner

When it comes to all-purpose cleaning, we often turn to harsh chemical compounds. These chemicals, after all, are extremely effective at combatting bacteria, microbial organisms, and other tiny things that can do us and our families great harm if left to grow and infect.

But many all-purpose cleaners are also extremely dangerous to our bodies, and can harm us in ways we may not understand. For these reasons, many people are turning to all-natural cleaners that use essential oils, hydrosols, and chemical-free products to clean their homes. These products can be gentle on us, but tough on those bacteria and other microorganisms that could hurt us. Here are some products that people are using to make their own homemade all-purpose cleaners from hydrosols, and why these products can do a great job while being less dangerous.

Gernium Hydrosols to Deodorize

Many all-purpose cleaner use harsh chemicals to deodorize, but many people are unsure what exactly is needing to be covered up: the smells that are being cleaned up or the synthetic compounds in the cleaner itself. Geraniums have long been used in professional and religious contexts to purify and cut out smells because of its naturally occurring deodorizing properties. You can get these same properties from our geranium hydrosol, which can help cut out terrible odours and replace them with the familiar and lovely floral fragrance of the geranium plant.

Lavender for Powerful Cleaning

Not many people know this, but lavender is much more than a beautiful smell. It’s also a antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, and fungicidal compound that makes an excellent cleaning aid. If you’re making a homemade all-purpose cleaner, you should add a good amount of lavender hydrosol to help fight microorganisms. With the right mixture of lavender and other products, it can help kill bacteria, viruses, funguses and more that are lurking in your home.

lemon grass

Lemongrass to Cut Grease and Fight Tough Stains

Lemongrass is more powerful than most people realize and, because of that, it is becoming a popular additive in many cleaning and home care products. You can get the many benefits of lemongrass in a hydrosol, which is strong yet gentle, the perfect mixture to keep you and your family safe. Adding some lemongrass hydrosol to a cleaner can actually help you cut through grease since the oil is tough on those compounds. It’s also a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, so you can get a boost in cleaning power in a completely natural way.

All-purpose cleaners are often filled with harsh and dangerous chemicals, but you don’t have to subject your family to these compounds if you make your own all natural version. It’s best to start with some simple white vinegar and, from there, add some hydrosols that can boost its cleaning power and effectiveness. Gernium can help fight odours, lemongrass cuts through grease, and lavender can fight nearly everything else. And they do this naturally and without the use of synthetic compounds.