What is Aloe Vera Hydrosol?

When it comes to useful plants, perhaps none is more famous these days than the aloe vera plant.

A succulent plant originating in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, it has spread across the world as a decorative plant and useful base ingredient in a number of lotions. In fact, many people use the gel from the plant directly on the skin for its cooling sensation. But the true power of aloe vera goes beyond its looks and many scientific discoveries are confirming what many people already know: that aloe vera is a useful plant with many important medicinal qualities. Here are just a few things that our aloe vera hydrosol can help with.


Sunburn relief is one of the most widespread uses of aloe vera on the planet. Aloe vera extract is a common ingredient in lotions and other products designed to allieviate sunburn and help the skin heal after exposure to the sun. By adding some aloe vera hydrosol to your favourite lotions, you can include the cooling, rejuvenating properties of this wonderful plant. And that could help you get relief from damage from the sun.


Acne and acne scarring happens for a number of reasons, but the soothing and cooling sensations that aloe vera provides could help with these problems. Many acne issues are exacerbated by swelling, which leads to itching and continual sores that result from constant irritation. Aloe vera, especially in hydrosol form, can help bring relief to acne and acne scars, giving the body a chance to heal and helping sufferers experience less itching, less pain, and less discomfort.

Thinning Hair

Aloe vera is frequently an ingredient in hair conditioners because of its moisturizing capabilities. Individual hair strands can often thin because they are drying out. Aloe vera can help lock moisture into your hair, especially when combined with an effective and natural conditioning product, and give you that fuller, luxurious look you love.

Sore Muscles

Aloe vera can bring cooling to tense and inflamed muscles, which can help them relax and be more receptive to massage. That’s why many people who use massage as part of their treatment, such as aromatherapists, also use aloe vera to sooth muscles and help people relax. You can add our aloe vera hydrosol to your massage oils, or rub it directly onto your sore muscles, and experience a natural relief.

Aloe vera is loved and used around the world for a number of reasons, and many scientists are now seeing the many benefits that this beautiful plant can bring to people’s lives. You too can unlock the power of aloe vera with our aloe vera hydrosol. By adding this product to your favourite conditioners and lotions, you can add the cooling and moisturizing effects of aloe vera. It can help you get thicker hair, relieve aching joints, and even help with acne and sunburn.