What Is Balsam Fir Hydrosol?

Balsam fir hydrosol is one of the most popular hydrosols on the market, and for one very good reason: it’s probably the most versatile hydrosol you can find.

The ways you can use this particular hydrosol are almost limitless, and it seems people are finding new ways to use it almost every year. But we only have limited space to talk about balsam fir hydrosol’s many, many properties, so here are just a few of the best ways you can use this powerful compound.

Help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects thousands, if not millions of people every year. Low amounts of sun exposure and the continual cold and darkness that comes with winter can get a lot of people feeling blue, and looking for treatments. The first place to go, of course, is your physician, but a little balsam fir hydrosol could enhance whatever treatment you’re using. Try adding a quarter-cup to your shower (put the plug in) or bath two to three times a week. The happy boost could make your day a little brighter when the sun refuses to shine.

You see, when essential oils are made, the most concentrated formulas are bottled and sold. The less concentrated mixtures, those that still have many of the same amounts of plant essence inside, just in a larger amount of water, were seen as completely useless. This changed a few years ago, when people started seeing that those less-diluted amounts still packed quite a punch, and could be used in all sorts of different situations.

Relief in a Compress

Achy and sore muscles around the world have fallen in love with the enhancing effects of balsam fir hydrosols. Balsam fir can help soothe sore and achy muscles when it’s added to a compress. Since balsam fir can help the circulatory system, a compress applied with a full dose of balsam fir hydrosol can help blood rush in and out of the spot, providing healing relief while helping with inflation and swelling. So the next time you have a sore muscle, try adding a healthy dose of balsam fir hydrosol. It could make the experience much better.

Foot Bath Stimulants

There’s nothing better to look forward to after a long day on your feet than a soothing and stimulating foot bath. The perfect foot bath should make your feet feel pampered, but also revitalize them. After all, you’re going to need them soon enough. That’s why balsam fir hydrosols are a great addition to any foot bath. The stimulating properties of the balsam fir can make a foot bath all the more satisfying, and add a wonderful smell to the entire experience.

The balsam fir hydrosol is one of the most versatile and usable hydrosols on the market, the perfect addition to all sorts of natural therapies and products. From stimulating foot baths to helping feel better during the winter blues, this hydrosol is used by many different people for all kinds of treatments. And with its stimulating smell and soothing compounds, the uses it has in the future will surely grow. If you want a hydrosol that could help with all kinds of things, than look no further than balsam fir hydrosols.