What is Chamomile Hydrosol?

Many medical professionals recommend chamomile for patients who have trouble sleeping, and for many of them, it becomes an essential aspect of their lives.

Have you ever simply curled up with a cup of chamomile tea after a long day? It’s a wonderful, relaxing experience that many tea drinkers rely on as part of their unwinding process. Chamomile, after all, has chemical compounds locked deep within it that helps the human body relax and feel sleepy.

Releasing Chamomile’s Potential

Chamomile hydrosols are made using the same plants that are used in the tea, and uses a very similar process to unlock these special effects. Just like tea, which uses hot water to extract the relaxing compounds from chamomile tea leaves, we use steam distillation to draw out these same compounds from chamomile plants. The result is a very similar liquid that can have similar effects on the body: a relaxing and calming smell that helps you unwind after a long day or particularly stressful event. Or as a way to enter a relaxed state necessary before doing certain tasks, like meditation.

Calming Effects

Chamomile hydrosols are becoming more and more popular due to this calming effect. They offer the same kinds of benefits you find with chamomile tea, but in something much more convenient. Rather than having to boil a pot of water and steep a mug of tea, chamomile hydrosols can be used right away, without any preparation. That means you can have these calming effects by simply unscrewing the bottle and using the hydrosol to help you relax.


Besides home use, we are finding that chamomile hydrosols are being used more frequently in professional settings as well. Aromatherapists have long used the power of chamomile to help their patients relax. It’s used at the start and the end of sessions, depending on the needs of the patient. Many yoga and meditation studios like to use chamomile hydrosols as well, since the relaxing effect can help people decompress after an intense yoga session, or help people get to a relaxed state before heading into a deep meditation. And since the chamomile smell is such a common and familiar scent, many people now associate the smell with the calm and relaxing sensation chamomile can bring.

If you have trouble sleeping, relaxing, or simply want an easy and convenient way to relax after a long day, be sure to try chamomile hydrosols. Made with real chamomile plant extracts, using the same sort of process used in chamomile tea, this hydrosol is an effective way to help yourself relax. It’s used all over the world in many private and professional environments, and chamomile remains one of the most popular natural remedies for sleeping issues today. With our chamomile hydrosol, you can have that powerful effect in a much more convenient method, and have a relaxing moment without having to wait.