What Is Cucumber Hydrosol?

Cedarleaf hydrosol and cucumber hydrosol actually have one really important thing in common: they can all be made by companies and individuals in your community.

People have been growing cucumbers all over North America for centuries. Initially, it was for their sweet flavour and refreshing moistness, but how we use them has evolved over time. One of those ways is by making herbal waters, or hydrosols, from distilled cucumbers. These waters blend the cucumber’s most favourite qualities with fresh water, giving you something that you can use in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few qualities that people love about cucumber hydrosols, and how they can benefit you.

Skin Softening

Cucumbers are listed by the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) as “skin conditioning” and there are a few reasons why they would. First, cucumber is thought to contain the enzyme erepsin, which is found in the human digestive system. That may seem a bad place to start looking for healthy skin products, but erepsin has skin-softening properties. Many people use cucumber hydrosols either on their own or mixed in with other products to add a softening element. It keeps their skin super soft and conditions the skin so it looks and feels great.

Help Oily Skin

For all its soothing, moisturizing qualities, cucumber is also frequently used on normal to oily skin to cut down on the unwanted moisture that the skin produces. This is because cucumber can cut through the oil to keep your skin moisturized without encouraging more oil production. That way, your skin could be healthy and moisturized and produce less oil overall. If you have oily skin, you could try using cucumber hydrosols on your skin to see if it can help you.

Help Wind and Sun Burn

We all want relief from wind and sun burn. The tightening and burning sensation can make life uncomfortable, especially the little things. Putting on and taking off clothes and even falling asleep can be hard when you’re burned. That’s why many people have started to use cucumber hydrosols on their skin after a wind or sunburn. The soothing and moisturizing elements can help bring relief to the burn, reducing the feelings of tightness and pain that often accompany burns. So the next time you get a sunburn, try putting on some cucumber hydrosol. It will smell great and could provide the relief you need.

Cucumber hydrosols are a relatively new product in the world of hydrosols and herbal waters, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. With their sweet yet slightly bitter undertones and refreshing moisture levels, you can use them for anything from face creams to massage oils. And you can also take comfort in the fact that your cucumber hydrosol was made in North America, helping local communities grow and prosper.