What is Geranium Hydrosol?

Geraniums are a near constant part of our aesthetic connection to plants and flowers.

They show up in many different floral arrangements and have important places in the world of floral design. We even use them to help celebrate certain holidays. But despite humanity’s close connection to geraniums as visually pleasing plants, we are only now discovering their many beneficial properties. Here are just a few of the medicinal qualities that we are discovering geraniums may have, and how you can use our geranium hydrosol to maximize their benefits.


A “cicatrisant” is a term that refers to the body’s ability to heal itself through scarring. Scars, of course, can form when the body recovers from certain damage, and those scars can sometimes be unsightly or unwelcome on the body. Geraniums are now being used as mild cicatrisants to help cover up scarring and reduce the appearance of scar tissue on the body. So if you have small scars that you dislike, you may find that regular application of geranium hydrosol will help them fade away, and maybe even vanish.

Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

We are now discovering that geranium plants contain compounds with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means they can be helpful in fighting off infections and problems caused by dangerous microorganisms. If you have minor cuts and scrapes, be sure to use a small amount of geranium hydrosol on the site of the wound. It can help stop infection and encourage your body’s own natural healing process.


And astringent encourages contractions in the body, meaning it can help your gums, muscles, skin, blood vessels, and more contract. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, including helping your skin’s pores close after being opened during the cleaning process. But it can also help in other ways, such as helping keep skin and muscles from sagging, teeth loosening from retreating gums and more.

It’s Smell

One of the things many people already know about geraniums is that they smell wonderful. What they may not know is that geraniums may have been highly prized because there smell is a powerful deodorant as well. With a fragrance somewhere between mint and floral smells, geranium hydrosols can help purge a room of bad smells, replacing them with pleasing ones with which many people are familiar and enjoy.

We are all familiar with geraniums, but very few of us use these plants to their full potential. With our geranium hydrosol, you can start to unlock the powers geranium plants hold deep inside from their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to their ability to fade away unwanted scar tissue. Whatever your use, it can all start with a simple bottle of steam-distilled geranium hydrosol, which uses a natural, age-old, and chemical-free process to extract the powerful compounds in geraniums and distill them into a safe and easily accessible hydrosol. Whatever your use, this hydrosol is one of the most natural and easiest ways to get the full potential of geraniums.