What is Helichrysum Itallicum Hydrosol?

Helichrysum itallicum, often called the curry plant because of its strong odour, is a popular essential oil and hydrosol because of its powerful medical properties.

The plant has been used for centuries in many different capacities, but because of its varied and powerful effects, many people have been reintroduced to the curry plant in recent years. Today, Helichrysum itallicum is an essential component of any hydrosol enthusiast’s collection for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why Helichrysum itallicum hydrosols are used by people every day.

A Powerful, Natural Anti-Microbial

As with so many different essential oils, Helichrysum itallicum is a commonly found anti-microbial, meaning it can help stop microbial growth and protect you from microbial infections. As this is an important part of human life, many different essential oils and hydrosols come from plants that have anti-microbial properties, which are some of the first things to be noticed in a plant from a medical standpoint. Helichrysum itallicum is a particularly powerful one, which is why it is so popular.

Powerful Anti-Coagulant

Heart disease remains one of the most prevalent causes of death in the entire world, which means anti-coagulants are becoming more and more important to our daily lives. Since Helichrysum itallicum is an anti-coagulant, and the hydrosol version is much less powerful than the essential oil, it can be used as a way to thin blood. Be sure to talk to a medical professional about blood thinning medication and options to see if a Helichrysum itallicum hydrosol can help.

Elevate Your Mood

Since Helichrysum itallicum hydrosols are so common, many people have discovered they can have an effect on people’s moods. Aromatherapists have long used Helichrysum itallicum to help people relax, elevate their mood, or improve a patient’s focus. It helps quiet the mind without putting it to sleep, which is a powerful and unique property that you can do at home. With a few whiffs of this hydrosol, you can help stay focused and calm your nerves at the same time, helping you work or relax in a better state of mind.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Coupled with its anti-microbial properties, Helichrysum itallicum is an excellent natural product to treat minor scrapes and cuts. Since it will help reduce the swelling while protecting from microbial growth, your minor cuts can heal up more naturally without having to worry about possible infections.

Helichrysum itallicum is a popular hydrosol because of its many healing properties and distinct scent. It can help you focus, help your body heal itself, and may play a role in fighting heart disease in the future. A truly unique plant, Helichrysum itallicum hydrosols are an essential part of any hydrosol lover’s collection.