What is Lavender Hydrosol?

Lavender hydrosols are one of the most versatile and useful natural products available today.

It seems like every day someone is discovering a new way to use this miraculous product, which uses the compounds in real lavender flowers to help with anything from stress to minor injuries. Here are some of the many ways in which people are using lavender hydrosols, and the ways in which it can help improve your quality of life in a safe and natural way.


With a soothing scent and an ability to relax someone’s mind, lavender hydrosols are used by people around the world to help them fall asleep. People use a number of different methods to unlock the sleep aid power of lavender hydrosols. One is the cup and inhale method, where you put a smal amount in your hands, cup them over your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply for a time. Another is to rub it on your palms and pillowcase, which help you get the smell of lavender as you fall asleep in your bed.

Insect Bites and Stings

One of the worst parts of getting bitten or stung by an insect, besides the pain, is the itching. This is mainly caused by swelling at the site of the encounter and a small amount of lavender hydrosol can help your body relieve the swelling and, in the process, help stop the itchy sensation. And since itching can delay the healing process, a drop of lavender hydrosol can help you recover more quickly.

Calming and Relaxing

After a long day at the office or a particularly stressful event, many people turn to lavender hydrosols to help them calm down and relax. Lavender hydrosols can have a profound impact on the human mind, helping you to feel more relaxed and calm without having to rely on chemicals. Instead, put a few drops of lavender hydrosol in your hands, cup them over your mouth and nose, and breathe in deeply for a few minutes. The effect will put you in a better, less stressed space than you were just a short time ago.

Dry Skin

Lavender hydrosols are made mostly of water, nature’s most prevalent and effective moisturizer, and the compounds found inside the lavender plant only improve these effects. Lavender hydrosols are used by people all over the world to help alleviate the symptoms of dry and chapped skin, reviving their skin and getting back to life as usual.

Alleviate Dandruff

A few drops of lavender hydrosol mixed in with your favourite shampoo, or applied on its own, can noticeably reduce your dandruff due to its moisturizing powers.

Lavender hydrosol is one of the most useful and versatile hydrosols out there, and an excellent starting point for anyone interested in using hydrosols to improve their lifestyle. Whether you’ve been using these products for years or are brand new to this natural way of living, lavender is something every hydrosol user needs in their cupboard.