What Is Lemongrass Hydrosol?

Lemongrass hydrosols can offer you a wide variety of benefits that can aid your lifestyle and add positive energy to your space.

Lemongrass hydrosols are known for their lovely, refreshing, green-lemony scent, but that’s just the beginning. People around the world have started using lemongrass hydrosols for all kinds of purposes, from skin care to elevating a room’s smell and overall feel. There are plenty of reasons why you would want some lemongrass hydrosol in your home, here are just a few that many people use it for.

Skin Care Products

Probably the most popular use for lemongrass hydrosols is in skin care products. Lemongrass pops up in all kinds of skin care products too, from facial toners and creams to lotions and body wash. The reasoning is twofold: lemongrass has properties that lend it very well to astringent products, but it also carries compounds that add invigorating smells to other products. The astringent properties in particular make lemongrass a perfect after-care lotion to help sooth skin after shaving. It can also protect the skin from any dirt or grime that may come its way.

Shampoo and Hair Care Products

People love adding lemongrass to their shampoo and haircare products for one simple reason: it smells absolutely wonderful. Since hair tends to hold on to scents more than our skin, using a great smelling shampoo will help your hair smell wonderful. And people use it in all sorts of ways. The uplifting smell is a perfect way to stay in a special someone’s mind long after your gone. Or it can help you have great-smelling hair if your regular shampoo is lacking a certain pizzazz. People use it all kinds of ways, but mixing it in with your final stage hair care product may be a good way to keep as much of this hydrosol’s smell as possible.


The soothing yet refreshing smell of lemongrass makes its hydrosol one of the better hydrosols for aromatherapy. The smell is perfect for giving a space extra positive energy that at once keeps people alert and calm. People also use it during meditation, where the special combination of smells works as a perfect greeting for people coming out of a guided meditation. The soothing smell provides a welcoming presence, while the uplifting effect helps them get reacquainted with the world around them. So if you’re looking for a new scent for your own meditation routine, consider trying lemongrass hydrosols.

Lemongrass hydrosols are valued for their scent and astringent properties, making them a great choice for facial toners, meditation rooms, and even your hair. The uplifting yet calming smell can give you or any environment a much more welcoming atmosphere, and help your skin and hair look its absolute best. However you use it, a lemongrass hydrosol is sure to be an awakening.