Hydrosols in Linen Spray

Linen sprays are one of life’s little luxuries that cost almost nothing and can make a world of difference in people’s lives.

With the right homemade recipe, a linen spray can breathe new life into your towels, sheets, and more by reenergizing them and adding a fresh. Hydrosols are the perfect way to boost your linen spray’s effectiveness without worrying about the cloth. Unlike essential oils, which can be too powerful for delicate linens, hydrosols are already less powerful, meaning they can be used to add a subtle hint of beautiful fragrance without overpowering the senses. Here are a few hydrosols that people love to add to linen sprays for a refreshing and soothing scent.

Geranium Hydrosols

Geraniums are traditionally used around the world not only for their fragrance, but for their deodorizing powers. Today, geranium extracts are used in a number of fragrence sprays and deodorizers to find that perfect scent. With a linen spray, a spritz of geranium hydrosol can help block out odours and fill the room with a more pleasing scent. If you want to use geranium hydrosol in your linen spray to its fullest potential, be sure to add it to your towels. Since these pieces of cloth are used multiple times in a damp environment that promotes bacterial growth, the deodorizing powers of geraniums can help keep your bathroom, and the towels, smelling like they were fresh from the laundry.

Lavender Hydrosols

People around the world love lavender hydrosols for their subtle effects on the human body, especially when it comes to relaxation and sleep. Many professionals use lavender products to help their clients relax, and many more add a few drops of lavender hydrosol to their pillows and wrists when trying to sleep. If you add lavender hydrosol to your linen spray, you can help yourself relax and get sleepy before you go to bed, infusing your very sheets with something that will help lull you to sleep.

Rose Hip Hydrosols

The soothing and gentle smell of rose hip makes it a perfect addition to linen sprays. People have long used rose hip hydrosols to capture the smell of rose hip, which is a popular scent in many different products. For your linens and clothes, the soft, subtle smell is made even nicer in hydrosol form, and you can wear it all day long, or sleep in rose hip-scented sheets at night, and never feel overwhelmed by the smell.

Linen sprays are a simple, effective, and affordable way to add a touch of luxury to your home. With the right combination of essential oils, you can spray your towels, linens, bedsheets, and even clothes with an invigorating or calming smell. If you want to add a lovely fragrance to your home’s linens and linen rooms, be sure to experiment with our hydrosols and find the perfect scent for you.