What Is Pear Hydrosol?

A relative newcomer to the world of hydrosols and fruit waters, pear hydrosol has been steadily growing in popularity since it was introduced to the market.

Made from fresh, steam-distilled pears, this hydrosol has been popping up everywhere, and being used in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few ways people use pear hydrosol, and how it can help improve your lifestyle.

It Smells Amazing

Who doesn’t like the smell of pears? They’re slightly citrusy overtones, combined with that distinctive sweetness, makes pear hydrosols a favourite for simply having open around the home or office. At home, they can make any room smell more inviting and luxurious. In the office, it can calm you down and make your space more welcoming to visitors or coworkers. And if you’re at the yoga studio, you may notice instructors using pear hydrosols to make you feel relaxed and refreshed before, during, or even after your session.

It Moisturizes

Moisturizers come in many different varieties nowadays, and they often contain compounds and scents from substances that actually have no innate moisturizing powers. But that’s different when it comes to pear hydrosols. These powerful fruit waters are often mixed into moisturizers, either by manufacturers or people at home, because pears can help moisturize the skin. So try mixing in some pear hydrosol into your favourite moisturizer. You’ll get the moisturizing benefits that many people already recognize and use, and you’ll get a soothing pear smell as well.

It Soothes After Shaving

After shave lotions, just like moisturizers, are often loaded with plants, chemicals, and compounds that don’t actually help the skin after shaving. Instead, many products are used simply for name recognition, which helps no one except the company’s accountants. But even a small amount of pear hydrosol added to your after-shave treatment could help heal your skin and leave it feeling wonderful. You can either add it to an existing concoction, or you can apply it directly to your skin, since the dilution process for hydrosols make it much safer to use directly over essential oils.

It’s Refreshing in the Shower

We’ve already discussed how you can take pear hydrosols almost anywhere, including the office, the yoga studio, anywhere in your home, and your bathroom. But we haven’t touched on where more and more people are using pear hydrosols: the shower. All of the powers of pear hydrosols are perhaps best unlocked when you’re in the shower. The confined quarters really make the smell intensify and relax you. The moisturizing effects are perfect after a long, steamy shower. The healing powers feel extra good on your skin. And the smoothing sensation will leave you feeling great.

Pear hydrosol is one of the most recent additions to the world of hydrosols, and it’s no mystery as to why it’s so popular. With a soothing smell and the power to heal and moisturize, there are many different places you can use a pear hydrosol, and help you and your skin feel its best.