What is Peppermint Hydrosol?

Peppermint is an essential aspect of modern living. Everything from bubble gum to skin lotions are using this powerful plant to enhance their properties.

It’s found in doctor’s offices, gardens, bathrooms, and more, all because the power of peppermint is something that many people know and celebrate. Our peppermint hydrosol taps into the hidden powers of peppermint for a more versatile and useful product that’s made from the natural steam distillation process. By using steam, we have extracted everything that makes peppermint such an important plant, and turned it into something you can use in a number of ways. Here are some popular uses for peppermint hydrosols that people all over the world are trying every day.

woman experiencing stress relief from peppermint

Stress Relief

While peppermint is known for its strong odour that can revitalize your mind and body, it can curiously calm people down in the right circumstances. Peppermint is a common additive to bubble baths and candle lamp diffusers. When combined with other hydrosols like lavender and geranium, the effects are actually quite soothing. So if you want to enhance your bath, try a few drops of peppermint hydrosol.

Colds and Congestion

Try this: take a few drops of peppermint hydrosol and pour it into your hands. Then, cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply a few times. One of the first things you’ll notice is the ability to breathe easier. That’s because compounds found in peppermint can ease congestion and help you breathe more easily. The congestion relief doesn’t stop at your sinuses, however. A few drops rubbed into your chest can also help with chest congestion, meaning you can get relief from congestion in all parts of your body by simply using peppermint hydrosols.

woman with a cold


The revitalizing smells of peppermint, coupled with the soothing feeling of it on the skin, can actually help with headaches. Many people inhale peppermint hydrosols for headache relief, and a few drops rubbed on the temples has helped many people end their headaches and help them get back to whatever they were doing.


Ever had a cup of peppermint tea to try and relieve your indigestion? It can work wonders. Our peppermint hydrosol can bring you that same relief, but in a much faster and more convenient way. By rubbing some peppermint hydrosol on your abdomen and wrists, and inhaling some through your nose, you can get indigestion relief without having to wait for your tea to steep.

Revitalizing and refreshing, peppermint hydrosol is a popular product for its many natural and immediate benefits. With only a few whiffs, you can experience a burst of energy and alertness that many private and professional people use in their every day activities. Plus, the many medicinal properties of peppermint are waiting to be used in this hydrosol, from its ability to quell indigestion to headache and stress relief. No matter how you use peppermint hydrosol, it’s sure to be a natural way to improve your quality of life.