Hydrosols in Room Spray

The rooms in our homes each have a different purpose, placement, and, as such, require different energies and scents to make them all they can be.

Room sprays are a simple and affordable way to help create that perfect energy because our sense of smell is an important aspect of feeling calm in an environment. With a few simple sprays from a room spray made with our hydrosols, you can reinvigorate your home with the smells it needs to welcome guests, relax your family members, or help you to unwind. Here are our most popular hydrosols and why people use them for room sprays.

Neroli and Peppermint

Separately, these two essential oils have powerful aromatherapeutic effects and quite strong smells, especially in the air essential oil forms. But as hydrosols, their scents become more subtle without compromising the effects they have on a space and the people around. The peppermint offers a strong, invigorating smell that people love, while the neroli adds that subtle and delicious smell of bitter orange blossoms that many companies use in their perfumery experiments and products. Mixed together, these smells can relax and energize, putting people in a good mood to hang out, chat, and have fun. Many hosts spray this mixture in their living rooms before guests arrive.

Geranium, Grapefruit, and Lavender

All of these smells have a few things in common: we are all familiar with their smell, they are derived from beautiful plants, and they make a great recipe for a room spray. Lavender is a relaxing scent, used by professionals to help their patients and clients get in a calmer mood, while the grapefruit adds a citrus refresher. Top it off with the wonderfully floral scent of geranium and you have a floral garden party in almost any room. Try it in the bathroom, where the natural deodorizing properties of the geranium will keep the room smelling great.

Lemon, Lavender, and Rosemary

Mixing floral, herbal, and citrus together could be a recipe for disaster, but these three scents actually complement each other perfectly, especially in their hydrosol forms. First, you have the floral scents from the lavender, which are known to have a relaxing effect on people. Next, the lemony citrus can stimulate the mind and help it focus. Finally, the subtle rosemary scent provides depth to the scent and helps it settle into a more natural feel. Overall, these smells together are perfect for keeping the kitchen a buslting yet enjoyable place, which is where many guests tend to congregate anyways.

Room sprays are an opportunity for hydrosol enthusiasts to mix and match their favourite scents to create a unique experience in a room. Whether its something exciting and invigorating in the living room, or a combination of scents that will keep your bathroom smelling its bast, there is plenty of recipes and options available to make a room scent that you, your family, and your guests will love.