What Is Rose Hydrosol?

Calming and regenerative, rose hydrosols are one of the most versatile and useful flower waters on the market.

It’s true, rose is more than just a pretty flower, it’s packed with all kinds of important compounds that can improve your skin, hair, and much, much more. Here are three ways you can use rose hydrosols to breathe new life into your health and lifestyle.

Massage Oil

Since rose hydrosols are a calming and soothing yet stimulating concoctions, they make for perfect massage oils for your scalp, face, and body. You can apply the hydrosol directly onto the skin, or mix it in with your favourite massage oil, and get all the benefits of rose. That means comforting and soothing relaxation followed by a revitalization of your skin and muscles, which is exactly what every massage should be.

Help with Congesting

As a decongestant, rose hydrosols are the perfect additive for helping with seasonal or illness-related congestion. It’s used in a variety of ways to help with this problem, but the most common are topically and through home aromatherapy. With home aromatherapy, the decongesting compounds in the rose hydrosol are breathed in through the nose so it can get right to the source. If you prefer, though, you can apply it topically to your chest and sinus area, like over the nose or on the temples, where it can provide relief and soothing sensations that can help you feel like yourself again much faster.

A Face Lotion

Rose hydrosols also contain powerful ingredients that can help keep your face looking bright and healthy. It helps regulate sebum and helps restore the pH balance of the skin, but it also has ingredients that can hep minimize the pores, control couperose, and smooth wrinkled skin. Some people mix rose hydrosol into their favourite facial moisturizers and products to make them even more powerful. But you can apply it directly onto your face as well, helping you get all the moisturizing effects that rose hydrosols can give you straight away.

Stimulating Skin Treatment

Another common way that rose hydrosols are used is directly on the skin, where the powerful ingredients can help stimulate blood flow while providing some much-needed moisture. It can be used on your face for a rosy complexion, or anywhere where your skin could use some encouragement.

Rose hydrosols are unique among hydrosols for both their smell and properties, many people use them for a variety of purposes and mix them in with all kinds of products. It can be applied topically to help with your skin or congestion, or be added to your massage products for a smoother and relaxing feel. No matter how you use it, rose hydrosol is an amazing product that can add value to many of your activities.