What is Rosemary Hydrosol?

A favourite in cooking for its rich and herbal taste, people have also discovered that rosemary has a number of benefits besides its great taste and fragrance.

In fact, rosemary essential oils and hydrosols can provide many benefits for the everyday person. Here are a few ways that people are using rosemary products at home to improve their lifestyles, feel better, and combat common maladies.

Thicken Your Hair

One of the unique qualities of rosemary is its ability to thicken your hair. Applying rosemary hydrosol to your scalp can actually stimulate hair growth, leading to a thicker, more luxurious head of hair without relying on dangerous or invasive medical procedures. In fact, a developer of a rosemary scalp lotion discovered his product lead to four results:

  • A 22.4% increases in new hair growth.
  • An increase in “rapid” hair growth.
  • An increase in microcirculation of the scalp, which promotes healing.
  • An improvement in the ability of hair to resist traction.
  • A decrease in hair loss after shampooing.

All of this was discovered to be directly linked to the natural qualities found in rosemary.

Joint Relief

Joint relief and pain relief are another miraculous quality to be found in rosemary hydrosols. Many people rub our product on their sore joints and other muscle-related aches and experience fast relief that’s soothing and comforting. For even more relief, try mixing rosemary hydrosols in with coconut oil, which can help cool off the area and bring you a more well-rounded relief.


Rosemary on its own is a powerful taste, which is why a rosemary hydrosol can be much more palatable. Since rosemary contains disinfecting properties, many people use it as a mouth wash. It can help keep your mouth fresh and clean and become part of your regular oral hygiene routine. Just be sure to not swallow the hydrosol as it does more good in your mouth than in your digestive tract.

Improve Your Memory

In a recent study at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, researchers discovered that rosemary can actually help people with their memory. Coupled with lavender, the rosemary was seen to improve people’s ability to remember and recall, and keep them in a more content and calm state that’s better for learning. Overall, it seems that rosemary can have a significant impact on our minds, and help us retain more information.

Rosemary was considered sacred by Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, and today it is easy to see why. Both aromatic and delicious, rosemary has locked inside it some of the best and most powerful compounds in the natural world. People use these every day to improve their lives, from helping with hair growth to helping manage pain. If you want to try a natural remedy to a number of problems, be sure to check out what our rosemary hydrosol can do for you.