What is Sweetgrass Hydrosol?

Sweetgrass has been found to have a number of benefits and abilities that lay dormant in the chemical compounds in its leaves.

Many of the plants used in hydrosols today have a long history of use by humans around the globe. Rosemary, for example, was considered sacred by ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Others have been used in important rituals and other activities that are integral to the cultural life of many societies. Sweetgrass is a similar such plant, but one that has a far-reaching and widely spread usage. Europeans used sweetgrass in their cooking, but also outside of churches, where it was believed to have an important role, especially on days honouring important saints. In North America, some indigenous groups burn sweetgrass as part of important ceremonies. Sweetgrass is truly an important cultural item but, as scientists are now discovering, there are reasons for sweetgrass’ importance.

Here are just a few of the ways that sweetgrass, especially in hydrosol form, can help you.

Uplifting Smells for a Better, Cleaner Space

Sweetgrass is often burned in ceremonies for a number of reasons, but one is the notion that it has a cleansing presence. Indeed, many places, like yoga studios and meditation centres, like to use sweetgrass products at the beginning of sessions and classes. The idea is it can cleanse energetic spaces and help bring a calm to a room of people who need to stay focused. Its use to help with energy of spaces is a long and interesting tradition, and there are plenty of opportunities to have that process benefit your own personal and public spaces.

Sore Throats

Gargling a mixture of sweetgrass hydrosol and some other important compounds has been known to bring relief to sore throats. The reasoning is twofold: sweetgrass can actually help with swelling, which is a major cause of discomfort in sore throats. The second reasoning is that sweetgrass may contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. When it comes in contact with the bacteria and microorganisms causing your sore throat, the right mixture of sweetgrass can help combat the causes of your sore throat.

Relief on Cuts and Scrapes

Since sweetgrass is believed to have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, many people use a small amount on minor cuts and scrapes to aid in your body’s natural healing process. By helping stave off possible infections, sweetgrass hydrosol lets your body focus on repairing the damaged materials without needing to also target bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms.

As an important part of human experience for literally centuries, it’s no wonder that we are constantly finding reasons why sweetgrass can be used in many different ways. Sweetgrass hydrosols are some of the safest and easiest ways to take full advantage of sweetgrass’ many medicinal properties. So whether you have a sore throat or simply love the smell, there’s an application that can help improve your day, every day.