What is Witch Hazel Hydrosol?

While the name may be a turn off, witch hazel is a powerful plant product that can help with a number of problems.

Derived from the shrub of the same name, our witch hazel hydrosol uses steam distillation as a means to unlock the many beneficial properties found in this plant. Below we have listed some of the common uses for witch hazel that people use every day, around the world. In fact, many people believe witch hazel is an essential product that should be in every home because of its many uses.

Control Diaper Rash

Diaper rash happens to irritated skin, often as a result of a diaper leaving bacteria on your baby’s bottom. Getting rid of nappy rash requires two things: moisture to bring relief, and anti-bacterial properties to fight the bacteria. Witch hazel has both. Be sure to water down our powerful hydrosol before using on a baby’s bottom, as the compounds may be too much for their delicate skin.

Treat Chicken Pox

Chicken pox, like many other skin issues, can be helped with the powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of our witch hazel hydrosol. For chicken pox speifically, our formula can help alleviate itching sensations and cool down the spots of infection, namely the sores. That means more relief, less itching, especially when you mix witch hazel with a cooling and moisturizing product like aloe vera or lavender.

Help Beat Sunburn

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help bring relief to the overheated and most likely swelled areas that have suffered damage from the sun. If you have sunburn, try rubbing some witch hazel hydrosol on the site of the burn. You’ll probably feel some cool relief and, if it’s been itchy, less of a desire to scratch. All of this means your skin has more of a chance to heal if you’ve given it some natural help with the power of witch hazel.

Stop Razor Burn

After you shave, whether it’s your face, legs or elsewhere, put a good amount of witch hazel on your hands and rub it where you’ve just shaved. You’ll feel the healing effects immediately, especially where you accidentally cut yourself. The soothing and healing powers of witch hazel actually help stop bleeding, swelling, and burning sensations that are all associated with razor burn.

Revitalizing and refreshing, peppermint hydrosol is a popular product for its many natural and immediate benefits. With only a few whiffs, you can experience a burst of energy and alertness that many private and professional people use in their every day activities. Plus, the many medicinal properties of peppermint are waiting to be used in this hydrosol, from its ability to quell indigestion to headache and stress relief. No matter how you use peppermint hydrosol, it’s sure to be a natural way to improve your quality of life.