What is Yoga Mat Cleaner?

Yoga has many different rituals, many of which are designed and carried out by individual yoga instructors.

It could be certain poses and breathing techniques used at the beginning of a class, or a decompressing ritual at the end that helps you come back into the real world from your yoga oasis. Whatever the rituals or regular things you do, keeping your yoga mat clean should always be one of them. A yoga mat spray is a cleaning product designed to respond to those wondering how to clean a yoga mat. They come in a variety of forms, but many people are realizing that the best kinds are the ones made at home using pure and natural hydrosols. Here are the reasons why you should use hydrosols to make your own yoga spray.


A key aspect of cleaning a yoga mat is doing away with the smell. Our mats often end up housing our sweat and many of the byproducts that result from human exertion and, as a result, a yoga mat can often smell more like a hockey bag than a yoga studio. Luckily, there are a number of hydrosol compounds that can help cut the smells on your yoga mat, and many others that can have it smelling like new. Geranium hydrosols are particularly effective at combatting odours on yoga mats. After that, experiment with some of your favourite smelling hydrosols to get a fragrance that you love.


Harsh chemicals may clean, but there are plenty of hydrosols that can also help fight the bacteria and microorganisms that show up on yoga mats. Try a mixture of lavender and lemongrass to help combat the harmful buildup of dangerous microorganisms. You should make cleaning with your own hydrosol mixture a regular habit. Simply spray and wipe down your mat immediately after you use it. This is the best way to use hydrosols for their antibacterial qualities, and will help maintain your yoga mat.


One of the great things about using hydrosols as a yoga mat cleaner is that it uses only natural products distilled from actual plants. No harsh chemicals, no strange additives. Just the essential oils from plants and water to make them more versatile. Sometimes, yoga mat cleaners can contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and eventually wear down your actual mat. In doing so, you expose your body to these same chemicals. Instead, try mixing in some hydrosols that can help your skin stay strong, like lemongrass or rosemary.

While there are many different kinds of yoga mat cleaners available, some of the best ones are being made by individuals using our hydrosols. These steam distilled products contain all the natural compounds you need for an effective yoga mat cleaner, and if you use only pure hydrosols, you can also avoid the harsh chemicals that can be found in commercial yoga mat cleaners. Be sure to experiment with your favourite hydrosols to find a combination that works for you.